Modeltag Conference 2019

Focusing on TikTok

7 Marzo 2019, Milano - Italia

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The first informative event in Italy dedicated to talking about this new social network, TikTok.

Who is this For?

A 2 hour conference and 1 hour networking cocktail for Marketing managers, CEOs, professionals and master students in multimedia and communications, content creators, and influencers.

As some of you already know, TikTok is an app and global community of content creators that is conquering the world, being the most downloaded app in many app stores already. This year's ModelTag Conference will be focused on how this new social media can be used by brands and content creators in their new campaigns on a national and international level.

Featured Speakers

Our speakers come from all over the globe. You’ll hear from renowned corporate leaders and institutions.

Carlo De Micheli

Founder of ModelTag

Analyzing social media trends from 2012 and expert in influencer marketing with publications on the most important international medias including The New York Times.
Carlo will explain the differences between the ``old`` text and image driven social media and the new generation image and video-driven society and how brands will have to adapt.

Matteo Flora

Founder of The Fool s.r.l.

Founder of The Fool s.r.l., the Reputation Company Leader, and of TF42, the first Italian Legal Tech Company, he had experience in Hacking, Intelligence, and Computer Forensics. He holds a popular daily video-cast where he talks about Digital Propaganda and How the web changes us. He will show us the exponential growth of TikTok in the past year and how it was reflected on other social media.

4 of Italy's Best TikTokers


Hand picked by our team: 4 amongst the best Italian TikTok influencers. They will talk about how they grew in this new social media, what they are achieving, and how it's different from any other platform they've used before.

New trends, new media, new people

The ModelTag conference stands as an independent event defining the trends in tech and media of the year to come. Strategically organized after the Mobile World Congress takes place in late February, it gives managers an insider view of what they'll have to look for and manage in the upcoming 12 months.

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